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ZenSai Treatment, Recovery and Wellness is an upmarket rehabilitation centre located in Durban North. Comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of medical professionals, ZenSai will work diligently towards tackling the addiction crisis that plagues our communities. We strive to work diligently towards tackling the addiction crisis which plagues our communities. Privacy and confidentiality is always ensured.
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About Us

Zen-Sai’s clinical approach and research-based treatment program and educate clients about symptoms and causes of addiction, both physiological and psychological.

We help people not only stop using but also develop strategies for managing the addictive mechanisms at work in their lives for long-term recovery.

Meet Our Facility HEAD

Facility Head - Dr. Uvir Maharaj ( MBChB)

Our very own UKZN Graduate Dr. Uvir Maharaj (MBChB) is the head of our facility. Dr Maharaj has purposefully designed all our in-house services with all his patient’s needs in mind.

Dr. Maharaj treats all addictions (all drugs- opiods, cocaine, methamphetamine (crystal meth), crack (rock), cannabis, mandrax, caffeine, tobacco and alcohol), gambling, sexual addictions, shopping, etc. Non-drug and non-alcohol use depression/anxiety/burnout syndrome treatment options offered at ZenSai.

Dr Uvir Maharaj


Dr Uvir Maharaj


Treatment from the experts

When you get help for your addiction at Zen-Sai, your professional care team includes a full time medical doctor (head of the establishment), sessional psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker ,alternate therapist, addiction counsellors ,amongst others.


Our Facilities

  • Hotel style rooms with en-suites,
  • Maximum of two patients per room policy,
  • Private rooms available on request at an added cost,
  • Fully air-conditioned rooms and common areas,
  • DStv in each room,
  • Mini refrigerators in each room,
  • Fully equipped kitchen with an in-house chef,
  • Strict 24 hour on-site security,
  • Gym facilities,
  • Strict access control to ensure a drug and alcohol-free environment at all times
  • Fully integrated alternate electricity (not affected by loadshedding)

Our Services

Quality and Professional Services

Intensive 21 Day Programme

Our team of medical, psychological and social professionals will provide our patients with a well-rounded and effective treatment programme.


Medical facilities include a detox ward, a medical practice and three nursing stations. These will be manned 24/7 by our medical team.


We provide our patients with one on one, family and group counselling and therapy sessions.