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Our Services

Intensive 21 Day Programme

Our multi-disciplinary team of medical, psychological and social professionals will provide our patients with a well-rounded and effective treatment programme.


Medical facilities at our centre include a detox ward, a medical practice and three nursing stations. These will be manned24/7 by our in-house medical team.


We provide our patients with one on one, family and group counselling and therapy sessions.

Treatment which Enhances Your Life and Style!

Recovery involves more than just quitting drugs and/or alcohol. We will help you transform your life from the inside out through;

  • Exercise,
  • Wellness education,
  • Recreational therapies,
  • Nutritional programs,
  • Hypnotherapy, and
  • Laughter therapy.
  • Naltrexone therapy,
  • Energy drips,
  • Weekly massages,
  • Dentist reviews for patients with dental